2015年04月10日 07:16
From where he was unsubscribe from the end of March "Taiko Spirits + for iPhone" is today I will inform you that it has will resume the delivery. During delivery stop, I apologize that you have the inconvenience and worry. Thank you in the future.
2015年03月25日 01:06
It was delivered from the App Store to "Taiko Spirits + for iPhone" you, but, By inadequate app updates today, delivery has been stopped. We are going to restart delivery from App Store. Please some time now wait until delivery resumes. We apologize for the fact that this time it was in such a...
2014年11月11日 11:36
Taiko Spirits November 11 from (Tuesday), we opened the English version. In the future, in addition to the Japanese version, we will continue to disseminate information about the "Taiko Spirits" and "KIWAMI WADAIKO" in English.

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