Taiko Spirits+ for iPhone

Price: Free(Added on in-app purchase)
Supported OS: iOS 7.1 and later
Compatible device: iPhone, iPod touch

Only one hand can be played taiko in !!

 You can make it easier to play taiko with only your fingers. Off cause,
 You don't need taiko stick.

You can play with the feeling that hit the taiko!!

 By tapping the taiko of the screen, to represent the sound of the
 taiko skin and edge.
 Also, depending on where they were strength and tap tap, to represent
 the strength and direction of the sound.

You can play four kinds of taiko. (Option)

 You can play the most popular taiko named "Nagado daiko" and "Oh daiko",
 "Shime daiko (bass)", "Shime daiko (treble)".
 *This function is in-app purchase. ($1.99)

You can play along with your favorite songs!! (Option)

 iPod you have recorded on, you will be able to taiko play along with
 the song of your choice.
 This function is in-app purchase. ($2.99)

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