"Taiko Spirits series" or "KIWAMI WADAIKO" sound of drums that are used in or will what it is really recorded in a studio?

Yes, it is. Other drums, I have been using what gongs and men and women of the shout was also recorded in the studio.

Although I feel the reaction until the sound comes lag from when you tap the drum ...

If I could feel the reaction is slow, please slide to the left in the "strength of the tap" of the "Settings".
Reaction of the tap is faster, but please note that weak sound, making it more difficult for out.

Taiko Spirits
Taiko Spirits MAX for iPhone


When kids play in the app, Is it possible to hide the banner ad?

Yes, you can. When you turn ON the "child protection" of the "Settings"
Ad is not displayed.

*This is a feature to protect from advertising that adversely affect the kids.
 Use of "child protection" other than this purpose, please refrain.

Taiko Spirits
Taiko Spirits+ for iPhone


Is it possible to edit the music in conjunction with "AudioBus" and "GarageBand"?

Unfortunately, this app does not correspond to the cooperation with "AudioBus" and "GarageBand".